Abhishek Dhyani

Abhishek Dhyani is an Early-Stage Researcher at the Maritime and Transport Technology Department of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), working under the Transport Engineering and Logistics (TEL) section of the department. As a part of the ETN – AUTOBarge, his research involves ensuring a safe control and coordination of autonomous vessels by developing a fault diagnosis framework for the inland waterway interconnected systems.

He obtained his master’s degree with a specialization in control systems from the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi. As a part of his master’s thesis, he worked on designing and developing a feedback control algorithm for achieving tracking control performance in multivariable systems while expending minimal control effort.

Abhishek is passionate about research in the broad areas of autonomous vehicles, control, and optimization. Through his research, he aims to contribute to making transportation more reliable, safe, and accessible for all.

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