A Season of Blossoms and Insights: My Three-Month Journey at TU Delft

As the winter chill began to recede, I embarked on a vibrant three-month journey at TU Delft, starting in March. The timing was perfect, coinciding with the most beautiful period in the Netherlands when tulips begin their bloom. Unlike the warmer climate of my hometown, the weather in Delft was mild, a gentle reminder of the changes not only in the season but also in my academic and personal journey.

During my stay, I was fortunate to dive deep into the academic environment, engaging with the intellectual community at TU Delft. My interactions were most enriched by meetings with ESR9 Abhishek’s supervisors, Rudy and Vasso, who were very willing to help with my research work and my academic network. Their guidance opened doors to fruitful discussions with other researchers. One of the experiences was presenting my research to other colleagues at TU Delft. Sharing research ideas and discussing the intricacies of PhD life with them sparked an exchange of thoughts and insights. It was in these moments that I felt a profound connection with the academic community here, bonded by a shared passion for research.

Picture 1: Me at the centre of Delft.

However, my journey was not confined to academia alone. The Department Maritime and Transport Technology (M&TT) is a melting pot of cultures, celebrating various festivals from around the world. From tasting Iranian desserts to engaging in conversations about Chinese and Indian traditions, it is impressive to see everyone willing to know and embrace other cultures. These activities enriched my experience, adding layers of understanding and appreciation for the world beyond the laboratories and lecture halls.

Delft itself is an enchanting city, characterized by its canals and the ever-present ducks—a contrast to the busy academic life. Observing the ducks grow as the tulips bloomed was a reminder of the swift passage of time. The city’s charm is amplified by its convenience and student-friendly atmosphere. Everything a student could need is readily available, and the proximity to major cities like The Hague and Rotterdam means that a change of scenery in a big city is just a short train ride away.

Picture 2: The ducks in Delft.

Exploring the Netherlands further, I visited numerous museums that house the works of masters like Van Gogh and Rembrandt with other colleagues. I also visited the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. These excursions were not just leisure activities but a continuation of my educational journey, providing insights into the Dutch maritime culture and its historical contributions to art.

Picture 3: Visiting museums.


Picture 4: The Maritime Museum in Rotterdam.

Reflecting on my time at TU Delft, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and anticipation. This experience was not just an academic visit; it was a journey of personal and intellectual growth. As I prepare to return to my university to continue my PhD studies, I feel equipped with a mind expanded by knowledge, insights, perspectives, and friendships.

Picture 5: Hanging out with colleagues.

An article by Yunjia Wang.

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