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ESR 3 – From static to dynamic Inland Electronics Charts (IENC)

Host institutionKU Leuven (BE)
Project title/WP: From static to dynamic Inland Electronics Charts (IENC) (WP1)
Supervisory board: Prof. P. Slaets (KU Leuven, BE), Prof. E.F. Brekke (NTNU, NO), G. Morlion (DVW, BE)

  • Develop an offline algorithm to fuse point cloud data information with the IENC database information to obtain an ISENC+ database including additional attributes
  • Develop an algorithm to fuse realtime point cloud data with ISENC+ database information to obtain a dynamic ENC

Expected Results:

  • Offline automated merging procedure between gathered point cloud data and the ISENC database, leading to a new ISENC+ database
  • Optimized, merged algorithm to adapt the ISENC+ database online

Planned secondment(s):

  • PERI (BE): Getting experienced with the current steps to build up an Electronic Navigation Chart (M12-14, secondment mentor: M. Persoons)
  • MARIN (NL): Virtual dynamic Electronic Navigation Chart building using the advanced simulator (M24-26, secondment mentor: G. van der Wal)

Enrolment in the Doctoral degree: KU Leuven (BE)

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