Rana Saha

From September 2022, Rana joined the AUTOBarge team as ESR 11 under Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. His research will investigate the ‘common ground and actor network’ for collaborative decision-making in autonomous inland waterways.

He has his Master’s in Maritime Management with Technical specialization at the University of South Eastern Norway (USN). Besides, he also served as a Research Assistant at USN part-time basis. His master thesis focused on ‘the role of the human element in Autonomous shipping’ where he did a qualitative analysis to define the competency requirements for future Shore Control Centre (SCC) Operators.

Before joining this position, he served as a ‘Project engineer’ at the Inland water logistics business. He also holds the marine engineering license and worked at sea for 05 years in various positions.

Research Interest:

Maritime Autonomy, Autonomous shipping, Human elements, Training and Education.

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Recent articles: 
Autonomous ships for container shipping in the Arctic routes
Mapping competence requirements for future shore control center operators
COVID-19: Chittagong Port and aftermath
Green Ports and Sustainable Shipping in the European Context

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