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ESR 8 – Sailing energy optimization

Host institution: CUT (SE)
Project title/WP: Sailing energy optimization (WP2)
Supervisory board: Prof. J.W. Ringsberg (CUT, SE), Prof. W. Mao (CUT, SE), J. Van Bekkum (RH Marine, NL)

  • Minimise fuel consumption and ensure safe navigation for autonomous inland shipping
  • Integrate ship performance models, routing algorithms, real-time weather data and statistical methods to a voyage planning tool

Expected Results:

  • A voyage planning tool that has been validated against real cases of unmanned inland ship operations
  • The voyage planning tool shows 5-10% fuel saving through demonstrations.

Planned secondment(s):

  • TU Delft (NL): Gathering inland ship navigation scenarios and important inputs to make planning decisions (M17-19, secondment mentor: R.R. Negenborn)
  • RH Marine (NL): Train competences to develop both onshore and onboard E-Navigation tools for maritime environments (M30-32, secondment mentor: E. el Amam)

Enrolment in the Doctoral degree: CUT (SE)

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